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We donate 1% of our turnover to support

innovative and inspiring projects

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Axylia is a signatory of the charter of  patronage  Admical


The Wintegreat association

Wintegreat is  a social startup  whose mission is to revive the professional projects of refugees.  Created in 2015 by Théo and Eymeric, then students at ESCP, Wintegreat  is intended to be the gateway that reveals the potential of refugees and allows them to resume a professional career that meets their requirements, towards an enriched civil society and companies that can count on new talents.  

The Start-Up Les Franjynes / The Unicancer Center

On the occasion of the 9th edition of the [profit for Non Profit] Awards  in November 2018, Axylia awarded the  Altruistic start-up "Les Franjynes" by offering a check for 3000 €. € 1,500 for the company and € 1,500 for its partner association: Unicancer.

The start-up "Les Franjynes" was created in 2017 by Julie Meunier. It offers an alternative to the traditional wig suitable for women suffering from alopecia (total loss of hair, especially following treatment of  chemotherapy). 5% of sales are donated to cancer research.

The application " CHECK YOUR PRODUCT! " / Future generations

After years of data collection, GF decided to create a database, unique and unprecedented in France, listing the properties and health and environmental impacts of active pesticides and biocides and to make it public free of charge. Everyone will be able to make informed consumption choices by finding answers to the following questions: is the molecule carcinogenic? likely to disrupt the endocrine system? neurotoxic? water pollutant? ...


The "Cobayes Squad" web series / Guinea Pig Generations

The first series distributed free of charge on the web (in particular Youtube) to massively inform 18-35 year olds about the links between health and the environment. The series was produced with experts,  a screenwriter and star actors of the web  to combine scientific explanations, humor and derision.

    Radio stations for the homeless / Children of the Canal

    Axylia has enabled  Children of the Canal to offer  60 radios for homeless people. A beautiful idea that seduced us because when you are alone, a voice is a comfort, a presence and a source of escape.


      IDEP (Indian Development Education Project)

      IDEP primarily supports in villages of South India, micro-projects in school environment, born and carried by local initiatives. Vasantha Zeganadin, professional dancer of Bharatanatyam (classical dance from India) is a member of IDEP. Vasantha wowed us by dancing at the October 2015 Awards night.


        The Citizen Action Center / Transparency International

        Axylia supported the Citizen Action Center. Its objective is to provide legal and moral support to those who want to act against corruption: whistleblowers, victims or ordinary vigilant citizens.

        AP-HP Foundation -  COVID 19 operation

        The Hospital Foundation  de Paris is a hospital foundation which acts in direct connection with the AP-HP teams, and allows to support  the organization of care, hospital staff and research within the 39 hospitals that make up the AP – HP. In the context of the health crisis, Axylia wanted to support it.

        ACTES Foundation - Supporting the Economic, Ecological and Social Transition

        In 2017, SIDI wanted to create the ACTES Foundation in order to support actors who initiate  new forms "  to save  "  to meet the economic, social and ecological challenges affecting countries in the South and East, issues that particularly affect Axylia.

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        The Barometer  Altruistic

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        Among the initiatives developed by Axylia,  the altruistic meter meets the expectations of part of our clientele of foundations and associations,  finding resources  financial  complementary to donations.

        The altruistic counter is a tool for  measure the donations made by the actors of altruistic finance each year via the available products, to  both in amounts in euros and in number of customers.

        Axylia thus identifies all donations from financial products or services (cards, bank books, investment funds, digital points, etc.), also donations  contractors of financial actors and those from companies whose philanthropy is integrated into the business model.

        Donations from altruistic finance are now reaching record amounts and more than 6 million clients support this approach. These figures reveal  the rise of altruism in economic activity, a universal dimension welcome in these difficult times for our civil societies.

        Axylia is proud to contribute to  this movement by giving 1% of its turnover to  inspiring associations.

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