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Axylia is a consulting firm specialized in responsible finance since 2005.  We advise associations and foundations  in building investment solutions that match their values.  

Concretely, Axylia helps its clients to adopt an investment policy in line with the causes they defend.


We believe that  financial and social value are inseparable  to change our society : by guiding our clients to invest in socially responsible companies while excluding those which are not enough, we enable them to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

Axylia also contributes to public debates and reflections around responsible finance and sustainable development by participating in  writing numerous publications  and various research in these fields.

For the past two years, Axylia has been working on the Carbon Score, an indicator that measures a company's ability to pay its carbon bill.

To make this tool a reality, we have created the Carbon Score platform, which provides access to the scores of companies and funds.

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Axylia has always been convinced of the importance of so-called “extra-financial” criteria to optimally evaluate an investment. We integrate all relevant information to offer our clients responsible and fully personalized investment solutions.

Axylia's objective is to enable our clients to better identify risks, preserve their reputation and, in the long term, protect the profitability of their investments, thanks to  investments serving your financial interests and societal commitments.

Our missions cover the entire scope of responsible finance



Axylia dares to change the rules of finance to put it at the service of people and the planet with the triple requirement of transparency, sincerity and simplicity.

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Axylia favors tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specifications of its clients, allowing them  to multiply their impact.


The investments offered have the dual purpose of serving both their financial interests and their societal commitments.  


The latter do not simply rule out undesirable investments: they have a measurable economic, social and environmental impact for the benefit of the general interest.

We believe that social and environmental constraints are not obstacles  to financial performance but rather means of good governance that make it possible to generate performance, sometimes better than traditional investments.


Product innovation remains the driving force behind Axylia's solutions.

Our 20 years of experience in research and development have enabled Axylia to contribute to many original and effective solutions, both through their financial quality and their positive impact on environmental, social and governance issues.

We owe this search for innovative solutions to associations and foundations with whom we work closely, whose commitment translates into a need for strong consistency and constantly evolving requirements.

Among the firm's innovations, the publication of an exhaustive study of French and international sharing solutions, the first SRI funds of funds, shareholder dialogue funds, French inventory of impact investing products, as well as the first extra-financial impact measurement for an investment fund and finally the Carbon Score® !



Fund selection


  • Multi-management experience since 1994.

  • Launch in 1995 of Plurial Ethique, the first SRI fund of funds.

  • Use of style analysis since 1998.

  • Recognized expertise: the financial rating agency Morningstar awarded 4 stars to the Plurial fund for 2003  Ethics.

  • Creator of Axylia's Carbon Score® in 2021.

SRI advice  

  • 20 years of experience in the creation, development and management of socially responsible investment funds

  • Winner of the 2020 AGEFI Coupole Commitment Award


Axylia has trained more than 1,000 professionals in responsible finance


 Axylia has rewarded more than 35 altruistic companies which, like Axylia, share the economic value with associations and foundations 



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In the news:
Find our file on the secrets of socially responsible investment .

Thank you for your interest  !

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